Sunday, October 23, 2011

AbAd Shows (that we know of):

AbAD Shows (that we know of):
( All according to LuAnn Palazzo):

 2011  Quetzalcoatl Gallery, Seattle, WA   

 2011  Second Avenue Firehouse Gallery, Bay Shore, NY

 2011  Willo North Gallery, Phoenix, AZ

 2011  Centrale Libreria Costaneiro Galleria, Treviso, Italy

 2011  Elizabeth Stone Harper Gallery, Presbyterian College,SC

 2010  SALGallery, CWPost Campus of LIU, Brookville, NY

 2010  Belknap Mill Gallery, Laconia, NH

 2010  The Fluxmuseum, Fort Worth, TX

 2010  Jaffe Center for Book Arts, Florida Atlantic University, FL

 2010  The RNGGallery, Omaha, NE

 2010  Exit 11 Contmeporary Art, Grand-Leez, Belgium

 2010  Museum of Modern Art, Wales, UK

 2010  ASAArt Gallery, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

 2010  Vladimir Nazor Library, Zagreb, Croatia

 2010  Prostor, Zagreb, Croatia

 2010  Steppling Art Gallery, San Diego State University, CA

 2010  Museu Brasileiro da Escultura, Brazil

 2010  Ripe Art Gallery, Greenlawn, NY

 2009  La Sexta Literary Arts Festival, Tijuana, Mexico

 2009  Queens Museum of Art, NY

 2009  Otis College of Art and Design, Los Angeles,CA

 2009  River Mill Art Gallery, NJ

 2009  Mobius, Boston, MA

 2009  Emily Harvey Foundation Gallery, Soho, NY

 There may have been a show in Milan, Italy and one in Wisconsin, USA that are not listed here.



 2010  Museum of Modern Art, Wales, UK

 2009  Museum of Modern Art, New York

 2009  LosAngeles County Museum of Art, CA

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